Time for a New Name?

This post isn’t so much about D&D as it is about the blog.  When I started this, it was originally meant to be a blog to help new DMs or to convince players to become DMs.  The reason behind this was a selfish and altruistic one all at once.  The more DMs there are, the more games there are and the more chances I could get to play in a game instead of always having to DM.  I figured many others out there were having the same problem, so I might be able to help them.

Quickly though, the blog became less about helping new DMs and more about exploring the art behind DMing a game.  The reason for this shift came unconsciously then consciously to me.  I’m not the best with rules or all the crunchy stuff like balancing encounters and giving treasure of an appropriate level and all that.  What I am good at when it comes to running a game are the more abstract qualities a good DM needs.  The ability to read your players, improving, creating interesting NPCs, things like that.  So my articles went more in that direction and a lot of it wouldn’t be that helpful to new DMs.  Also, my google search for similar blogs to my concept came up dry and it turns out there’s dozens of them already, so I made the conscious decision to shift the focus.

However, writer apathy set in.  Also, the style I was using was horrible.  Big blocks of text and complex sentences (the earlier articles came in somewhere around a 8-10th grade reading level…even 8th grade textbooks aren’t written at an 8th grade level) made everything hard to read and I was using a lot of wall of text articles with no cool pictures or videos or even links.  On top of all that, my attempts to convince my friends to play D&D fell flat and I didn’t have a game.  So I put the blog on hiatus.

Almost immediately, my friends were suddenly really interested in D&D.  Not coincidentally, this was around the time Community aired its D&D episode.  I also had started re-listening to the D&D Podcasts and YouTube videos.  So I was exposed to D&D stuff all over again almost constantly.  Again, I put up a post on a Sunday I was putting the blog on hiatus and less than one week later all this was happening.  So I had a lot of D&D floating around my head and needed an outlet for it all aside from my adventures.

So I started posting on here again.  And instead of the thrice-weekly update schedule from before, I was posting daily.  Only the style had changed.  In case you haven’t noticed, everything I’ve written since then was conversation in tone and just about D&D in general.  While I’d like to think the posts are still helpful, it’s just not the same site I originally created and I’m just not sure what to do with it.

I like having this blog.  I don’t really have an audience (my biggest page view numbers in one day so far has been 25…and the second highest is 14 and the third is 5…not exactly ready for a big IPO yet), but I like that there are a few people reading what I write.  However, I think I’m confusing people with the name of the blog.

This blog isn’t about new DMs anymore.  Again, the advice I give will be helpful to them because the art behind DMing a game is probably the most important but least written about aspect of the game.  It’s also one of the things that only experience can give you, either by experiencing it yourself or reading the experiences of others.  Also, I’m not new to the DM game.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years at this point.  I’ve run two long-term weekly campaigns, one 3rd Ed that ran for about 16 months and one 4e that ran for 8 months.  I’ve run literally hundreds of one-shots in D&D (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions), Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, D20 Modern, MechWarrior (yes, I got the name right…I’m referring to the roleplaying game based on BattleTech), Paranoia, Earthdawn, Star Wars (d20 version), a few indie published games I can’t remember because they’ve faded into obscurity, and dozens upon dozens of homebrew games.

What this means is that people coming to this site for the first time will see the name and assume either A) I’m a new DM writing about my tribulations and/or B) I’m writing for new DMs to help them out.  So I’m asking you, my three regular readers and whoever clicks on my links I post under #DnD on Twitter.  Should I keep posting on here or move to another blog with a more appropriate title?  Or should I just try to rebrand this website (which apparently will take an Act of Congress or a crapload of money if I’m reading WordPress’s options correctly which I’m probably not)?  What do you people think?

If you have an opinion, please leave a comment.  If you don’t…leave a comment anyway so I know you’re reading but just don’t care what I do.

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