This site used to be a guide for new DungeonMasters, GameMasters, Storytellers, Referees, etc.  However, after a little over a dozen posts, I got tired with the format of highly polished and horribly overwritten blocks of text articles I was writing.  So I gave up on that and turned this into a personal space for me to ramble about role playing and D&D in general.  So the big focus of this blog is probably going to be getting more role playing and the “old school” feel into D&D 4e.

I’ve recently started a new Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition campaign with a combination of new players, experienced players, new-to-4th-edition players, and new-to-D&D-but-experienced-with-other-games players.  It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’ll probably be talking about it a lot.  I’m also going to try to expand my horizons and get into a game on the other side of the DM screen.  That’s more scary to me than running a game.

If you’re wanting to get started with the first post, it’s right here

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, email me at newdmblog@gmail.com

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